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Review of At Home with Ani DiFranco

As a long-time student in Buffalo, I salute Ani DiFranco as a gifted songwriter, performer, and musician. Buffalo, for those there in 1977, was (and remains) the City of No Illusions.

I salute PRX, too. It is a wonderful place to discover surprising and engaging work, like this hour with Ani DiFranco.

I have just one problem with this program: It seems to be four years old. Not that I am saying everything posted on PRX needs Budweiser's "born-on" date etched on the proverbial can, but we can only push the timelessness of radio thing only so far. Things have changed in DiFranco's work and DiFranco's life since this was first produced, and nothing here would suggest otherwise.

Sad proof that there really is a difference between evergreen programming and old news.