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The Seattle Globalist is a daily “hyperglobal” publication covering the connections between Seattle and the rest of the globe. It’s where Seattle meets the world.

Seattle is a city with a big worldview. Named a “hyper-diverse city” by the Migration Policy Institute, more than a quarter of Seattle residents are foreign-born. Seattleites are exceptionally well traveled and the city is home to a bustling economy of businesses and nonprofits whose impact is felt across the globe.

The Globalist features travel writing from a Northwest perspective, restaurant and music reviews, a calendar of cultural events, and perspectives on global news from Seattle’s international population. Behind this layer of content is a robust community of Globalists—travelers, immigrants, global health workers, students, foreign film buffs, foodies— all the Seattleites who identify as “Globalists.”

Our mission is to create a hub for globally-oriented people in the Pacific Northwest through accessible journalism that highlights international diversity and global connections in our region, and by providing media-making opportunities with an emphasis on diverse voices.


Caption: Mr. Toilet (aka Jack Sim) with Chief Sealth International High School social studies teacher Noah Zeichner, Credit: Sarah Stuteville
Jack Sim is better known as “Mr. Toilet.” He has spent the past twelve years getting people to talk about sanitation. Sim has learned a lot about ...

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Caption: Sasha & Jessica, Credit: Sarah Stuteville
Armed with a letter from 1990, producer Jessica Partnow goes in search of her childhood Soviet pen pal.

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"Generation Putin" is an hourlong special on young people and politics in the former Soviet Union. Embeddable on SoundCloud, too.

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Caption: Zombie Fest, Credit: Alex Stonehill, The Seattle Globalist
Audio postcard from DIY punk music festival in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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Caption: The Black Horse. A secret police car from Soviet days, Balaklava., Credit: Sarah Stuteville, The Seattle Globalist
A Generation Putin *extra*: Audio postcard from a military jeep ride in the former Soviet stronghold of Balaklava, Ukraine.

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As demonstrations against the Syrian government intensified last month, a Syrian rap group called the Sham MCs released a song about the protests. ...

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Caption: Liz Peter takes her siblings swimming in Seattle., Credit: Chantal Anderson
Once a refugee family has been here for a while, the children often become ambassadors to the outside world. It's the kids who have to translate fo...

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Refugees coming to the US have just a few months to find a job and a place to live. And they are 10 times as likely as the general population to su...

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New refugees have to juggle a lot. There's finding housing, getting kids enrolled in school; often there's learning English. And there's finding a ...

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Caption: Trudy's Bar, Credit: Alex Stonehill
King County is home to one of the country's largest populations of Somalis. They've been fleeing since the Somali government collapsed in 1991. The...

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On-the ground interview from Monday Jan. 31st 2011 with CLP correspondent Nathaniel Greenberg, currently based in Cairo.

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Caption: Protests in Egypt, Credit: Common Language Project
On-the ground interview from Friday Jan. 28th with CLP correspondent Nathaniel Greenberg, currently based in Cairo.

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Caption: Truck Grille, Credit: Sarah Stuteville
Shipping is a big business in Pakistan. With new paved highways offering a fast track to Afghanistan and northern Pakistan, trucking is an importa...

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Caption: Khan's Parrot, Credit: Alex Stonehill
People come to fortunetellers for answers and entertainment, but not all fortunetellers use a crystal ball. In Karachi, Pakistan, one street vendor...

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Caption: Mohammed Sher Ali Khan, Credit: Alex Stonehill
Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis were already fleeing the Swat Valley before the latest fighting broke out. Sher Ali Khan, 55, is one of them. ...

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Primary education is compulsory in Pakistan, and the country has a large public school system. But many of these schools are just marginally functi...

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Caption: Northwest Detention Center, Credit: Alex Stonehill
April 16, 2009 - On any given day, 30,000 people are being held in detention centers across the country. With plans to expand the Northwest Detenti...

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Caption: GEO Guard at the Northwest Detention Center, Tacoma., Credit: Alex Stonehill
In 2004 a new detention center opened on the tideflats below downtown Tacoma. Owned and operated by a private corporation, it houses up to a thousa...

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Caption: Many Uch at the Airport Way Detention Facility., Credit: Eroyn Franklin
An imposing brick building on Airport Way at the edge of the International District housed detained immigrants from 1931 to 2004. It was once known...

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Caption: Gabriela Cubillos prepares tamales in her home. , Credit: Eroyn Franklin
In our final segment, producer Jessica Partnow follows the story of one family living in immigration limbo in Auburn, Washington.

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