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The Goethe-Institut USA (German Cultural Center), in cooperation and collaboration with American and German radio producers and broadcasters, will produce a series of 50 radio features: “The Big Pond. A US-German Listening Series”. We want to give voices from the USA and Germany a chance to tell their stories, making great radio and great audio. Germany and German culture is not the central aspect of the programming – each episode will only have a small connection to Germany – instead, our emphasis is on dialogue and interesting places, people, and things. 

The programs will be designed for broadcast nation-wide in the United States on a weekly basis. All features will be available for free download in podcast format.


Caption: The Big Pond, Credit: © Goethe-institut
52 Pieces

In collaboration with radio producers and broadcasters from the US and Germany, The Big Pond is home to up to 50 podcasts produced over the next year. With features on a wide variety of topics, a many-sided portrayal of life in Germany and in the US is drafted.


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When Jake Nawrocki had the idea to revive the Southside of Atlanta’s downtown neighborhood – which could take ten to 20 years – he had to find inve...

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In 1975, the German journalist Frances Schoenberger interviewed John Lennon in New York, a dream gig for her – but this interview was never publish...

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Caption: The Big Pond, Credit: © Goethe-institut
​There are things that hold history for each of us – a stitch, a book, a hat – things that we carry around for our whole lives. In this episode, we...

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