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Playlist: Immigrant Stories

Compiled By: Jay Jansen

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HV013- Crossing Borders

From Hearing Voices | Part of the Hearing Voices series | 54:00

A Tale of Two Countries, from Mexico to US

Cinco150_small This is an episode in the series Hearing Voices from NPR now being offered as a standalone special.

Host: Marcos Martinez (fmr) of KUNM-Alberquerque

Summary: A Tale of Two Countries: In "Sasabe," a Sonora, Mexico border town, Scott Carrier talks to immigrants on their hazardous, illegal desert crossing, and to the border patrol waiting for them in Sasabe, Arizona. Luis Alberto Urrea reads from "The Devil"s Highway," his book about death in the desert. Guillermo Gomez-Pena imagines "Maquiladoras of the Future," fantasy border factories. "And I walked...", by Ann Heppermann and Kara Oehler, is a sound-portrait of Mexicans who risk their lives to find better-paying jobs in the United States.

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0:15 On-Air Promo Text: This week on Hearing Voices: "Crossing Borders," a tale of two countries. Stories of coming from Mexico to the U.S., hosted by Marcos Martinez of KUMN-Alberquerque. That's Hearing Voices: "Crossing Borders," AIRTIME on STATION.