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Playlist: Filmspotting

Compiled By: Zena Yoon

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Filmspotting (weekly series) (Series)

Produced by WBEZ

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Filmspotting 716 (02/15/19): The Matrix (9 from 1999), Top 5 Slow Motion Scenes (Since The Matrix)

From WBEZ | Part of the Filmspotting (weekly series) series | 53:59

Matrix-slow-mo_small For the second film in their "9 From '99" series, Adam and Josh reconsider the Wachowski Sisters' seminal sci-fi film, which, while a popular and critical success in its release year, has only grown in estimation both as a film and as a way of thinking and talking about reality. Plus: Christopher Nolan, Todd Haynes, Rian Johnson and Lars von Trier make the Top 5 Slow-Motion Scenes (Since "The Matrix").