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#44 - Generation Putin

From HowSound | Part of the HowSound series | 21:16


In a nutshell, a lot of radio reporting involves some research, a drive across town for an interview or two or three, then writing and producing the piece. Sometimes, it's even less complicated if you conduct the interviews over the phone.

I'm currently working on a project that's a little more challenging. It involves about 1500 miles of driving, crisscrossing the the state of Maine collecting a couple of dozen interviews. My hair's turning gray trying to schedule so many interviews in so many different locations and I got stuck in a snowbank, but still, it's pretty easy.

International reporting, on the other hand, is an order of magnitude more challenging. There are so many more issues: language, transportation, passports, visas, freedom of the press....

Reporters Jessica Partnow and Sarah Stuteville of the Seattle Globalist have spent the last several years reporting from more countries than you can shake a stick at. They've clearly developed an expertise in overseas reporting and it's readily apparent in their latest documentary, Generation Putin .

The hour-long doc, produced in conjunction with PRX, reports on young people and politics in the former Soviet Union. On this HowSound, Sarah and Jessica chat about their reporting travails from Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, and Russia.

If you're looking for more info about overseas reporting, check out Gregory Warner's presentation at the Third Coast International Audio Festival a few years ago, Found in Translation .

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