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Ken Rudin's Political Junkie (Series)

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299: Political Junkie Episode #299, 10/18/2019

From Ken Rudin's Political Junkie | Part of the Ken Rudin's Political Junkie series | 53:58


There were many things we learned after the fourth Democratic debate, but two things stand out: Elizabeth Warren, by nature of all the attacks on her, seems to be the party frontrunner, and, as Vermont Public Radio's Bob Kinzel notes, concern about Bernie Sanders' health seems to have gone by the wayside, especially in light of a very strong debate performance.


Three states in the South are holding gubernatorial contests this year, and Jessica Taylor of NPR assesses the role President Trump plays in all of them ... especially in light of the fact that he won all three states overwhelmingly in 2016.


And we go back to this week in 2000, when Missouri Gov. Mel Carnahan, the Democratic nominee for the Senate against Republican incumbent John Ashcroft, died in a plane crash, with just three weeks to go before the election. His son Russ Carnahan, a former congressman, remembers that awful day.