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Featured PRX Members

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Out of the Blocks

We are radio producer Aaron Henkin and electronic musician Wendel Patrick. The operating principle of our documentary series is simple: "One city block. Everybody's story."
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Daniel Wargo

I am an independent radio programmer and have been creating several series of programs for PRX since 2006... "The Stone Age" explores electric music as it changed from ...
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Jeffery Robert Lindholm

When he was a teen, Jeff Lindholm let his dad talk him out of a radio DJ career. But Jeff persevered, and he’s been a college and community radio programmer, music librarian, ...
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Clay Ryder

I produce jazz radio series for those willing to open their minds and listen. My two current series are: - Sound Ideas - Jazz Etiquette Both series are available for ...
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Paul Ingles

Paul Ingles founded the non-profit media company Good Radio Shows, Inc. in 2003 to produce programs that inform, inspire and improve the human condition, principally the ...