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AMERICAN RADIOWORKS® is the highly esteemed national documentary unit of American Public Media. ARW creates documentaries, series projects, podcasts and online content for the public radio system and the Internet.

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APM Reports is built on the distinctive reporting done by journalists shining light on the truth

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From preschool to the post-secondary years, this series of documentaries explores the question, "What kinds of education are needed for people and communities to thrive in the 21st century?"

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Historically Black reveals intimate and surprising aspects of history through interviews, archival sound, and music. The episodes are hosted by popular African American actors and writers.

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In the Dark examines how law enforcement handled the kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling, an 11-year-old Minnesota boy – a case that went unsolved for nearly 27 years. Unlike other true crime programs, In the Dark goes beyond the horror of the story to reveal the sweeping consequences of the case: the creation of the federal sex offender registry; a community damaged by law enforcement mistakes; the devastating effects of publicly labeling a man a “person of interest.” Moreover, the reporting introduces data that will enlighten communities nationwide about their local crime solving.

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Speeches and conversations from the Aspen Institute

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This is a selection of some of Marketplace’s best stories intended to run any time during the spring fundraising season. We’ve provided you with content that highlights Marketplace’s appeal as a destination program and reinforces general local fundraising themes.

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MPR's Young Reporters Series pairs high school and college-age reporters from diverse backgrounds with an experienced MPR producer to create compelling stories each month.

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Vision and leadership — these two elements are at the heart of the new public radio series The Promised Land. Our host, the dynamic Majora Carter, introduces us to today's visionaries—the passionate men, women, and young adults who see potential in unlikely places. These leaders are literally changing their worlds with innovative thinking and tireless effort.

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Caption: Kindergartners in an Ohio classroom learning letters. One in five American kids struggles to read, and many of them have dyslexia. But public schools are failing to identify or treat dyslexia, even though there are proven ways to help kids with dyslexia l, Credit: Emily Hanford
(9/11/17) Public schools are denying children with dyslexia proper treatment and often failing to identify them in the first place.

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Caption: Frank Campbell was a teenager when he was sold to keep Georgetown University afloat. He was one of some 272 enslaved people sold by Jesuits in Maryland to plantations in Louisiana., Credit: Ellender Memorial Library, Nicholls State University
(9/4/2017) As more schools begin to confront their participation in slavery, they also consider how to make amends.

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Caption: Teacher Christopher McFadden is a member of The Fellowship, a group in Philadelphia trying to recruit and retain black male teachers. Only 2 percent of teachers in American public schools are black men., Credit: Emily Hanford
(8/28/2017) There may be nothing more important in the educational life of a child than having effective teachers. But the United States is struggl...

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Historically Black reveals intimate and surprising aspects of history through interviews, archival sound, and music. The episodes are hosted by pop...

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Caption: Rewriting the Sentence: College Behind Bars
After an abrupt reversal 20 years ago, some prisons and colleges try to maintain college education for prisoners.

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Caption: What It Takes: Chasing Graduation in High-Poverty High Schools
The nation's high school graduation rate is at an all-time high, but high-poverty schools face a stubborn challenge. Schools in Miami and Pasadena ...

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  • Added: Aug 31, 2016
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A get-tough attitude prevailed among educators in the 1980s and 1990s, but research shows that zero-tolerance policies don't make schools safer and...

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  • Added: Aug 29, 2016
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Caption: College students increasingly caught in remedial education trap, Credit: Lila Cherneff
A system meant to give college students a better shot at succeeding is actually getting in the way of many, costing them time and money and taking ...

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Caption: Robert F. Kennedy
Many see similarities between the presidential election campaign of 2016 and one almost half a century earlier. The 1968 presidential campaign was...

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Caption: Javille Sutton was a 14-year-old runaway when she accepted a ride from a pimp who sold her across the country for the next six years. She was arrested multiple times as a juvenile. She now counsels girls at a horse ranch for young victims of trafficking.
Advocates for kids are pushing for a new approach to combating underage prostitution: treating young people caught up in sex trafficking as victims...

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