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Caption: Sandip at the Grand Hotel in Nainital.
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Award winning writer, radio host, NPR contributor and novelist Sandip Roy brings his wit and insight to these personal audio diaries from his new life in his old home, India.

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  • Updated: May 18, 2015
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Exploring the art of singing with arts journalist Chloe Veltman

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  • Updated: Jan 28, 2011
Caption: Rose Aguilar, Credit: Laura Flynn
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Diverse perspectives on media and the week's news.

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  • Updated: Jan 17, 2017

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Caption: Lauren Schiller, Host, Credit: Frank King
After being witness to The Women’s March, MeToo, the Kavanaugh hearings, and a historic midterm election in which more American women were elected ...

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Caption: Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas at thier wedding
Once outrage in distant India would barely ruffle feathers in New York. But no more. As the newsletter Broadsheet pointed out today if media is glo...

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What’s going on with men? Why is it so hard to negotiate the gender power dynamic in everyday situations, like work meetings? Can masculinity exist...

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Caption: the Jungle Crows play in a Kolkata park
In Cricket crazy india, an obscure game played with a very strange shaped ball takes hold.

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Caption: Lauren Schiller, Host, Credit: Frank King
In Episode 104 we aired my conversation with Ruth Whippman, Author of "America the Anxious. Why our search for happiness is driving us crazy and ho...

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It looks just like a little white table tennis ball, but spongy and sweet. The Rosogolla is Bengal’s most famous sweet but Sandip is overwhelmed by...

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Caption: Ruth Whippman
Author Ruth Whippman has been studying the self-improvement industry for years. She’s come to the conclusion that empowerment feminism is, well, BS...

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Sandip Roy remembers the veterans of World War 1, the Indian veterens.

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Caption: The Statue of Unity in Gujarat, India, Credit: Sandip Roy
Sometimes when picking our monuments we focus on the wrong aspect.

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Caption: Dr. Safiya Noble
What we think of as “the great equalizer”-- the internet--and the algorithms behind it, created by humans, is serving up content that is sexist and...

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