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Comment for "Rob and Kirsten Out for a Leisurely Stroll" (deleted)

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Review of Rob and Kirsten Out for a Leisurely Stroll (deleted)

A nice, good-feeling story. A tad long for the sheer experience of radio. I would have liked to hear more of Kirsten about what it feels like to be lugged 278 yards in the fireman's carry.

It's sweet for a Valentine's Day kind of presentation. Other voices earlier? Sure. A story like this can be told a thousand different ways in the course of a lifetime.

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Review of The Future of the Planet

Whole Wide World: news-compatible hour While radio tends to look at big questions through little windows, Christopher Lydon has always thrived on issues every bit as big as the whole wide world. In The Future of the Planet, he explores the questions of how we can continue to feed the planet while still trying to keep the air and water at least somewhat clean.

As his various guests -- historians and biologists, food writers, ethicists, and more -- tell us, we are just scraping by, and any one of 100,000 different things can wreak havoc in the world of Rube Goldberg globalism.

This is Lydon at his provocative best. Terrific selection of guests -- articulate and engaged -- terrific writing and wonderful elements linking the different segments of the program together.

For long-time listeners of Lydon’s old call-in show, there are moments that feel like he’s about to solicit calls and turn to the phones.

One other point: Lydon still writes a killer 60-second billboard for a news-compatible show.

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Review of Clarence Fountain: In his own words (deleted)

My first encounter with the "In his (or her) own words" series from WUNC. What's there not to like here? Clarence Fountain is a wonderful presence. Can't go wrong with the musical support, either. My one concern is the length: it could be a bit shorter to my ear.

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Review of Route 66

I'll start with a couple of questions: who's narrating? And what's up with the music? It all sounds sourced -- and totally great. Sounds like a summer story, travel time -- maybe talk it up for holiday drive time around Memorial Day.

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Review of A Trip to the Dentist [Larry Massett]

I don't know why I am listening to this, because I am between deep-cleaning sessions myself. I can understand why this came from Neurotica, though.

So why am I saying this is a lot of fun? Because by listening to this I hope I will be able to endure my upcoming procedures.

Great writing.

The only thing I would have loved is the one-sided conversational techniques of dental types everywhere. Only after your mouth is filled with equipment do they ask you about your day. And how can they understand what you say? Maybe it's time for a sequel, Larry.

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Review of Singing in St. Andrews

Everything is lovely here, but you don't want Amazing Grace as the bookends. Yeah, on the bagpipes, it says Scotland, but a dog on a leash with bagpipes will say Scotland. What's wanted here is an unknown tune -- mysterious and haunting. The rest is absolutely delightful.

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Review of Piazza San Marco

Bells are there to be recorded, and thanks to Dmae, we are getting bells we should have heard on pubrad a long time ago. I would have given a kid a Euro to rattle the pigeons -- it's amazing the noise a thousand flying rats can make. And I would have found space for the moving clock on the west (?) side of the piazza. Still, the bells are beautiful -- worth every moment.

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Review of Democracy Yes, Change No

There is absolutely no reason why a station in Boston should air this piece. But what if there were numerous pieces from all across the US of A that addressed similar questions -- say, people near the military reservation on Cape Cod, where water quality has fallen subject to forces beyond their ballot box?

A good, solid story, well told. A potentially interesting use of the PRX model to provide new definitions for the "community" in community radio.

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Review of Bigfoot Speaks (deleted)

Nice story and certainly works as it stands.

But I'm feeling several what-ifs about it: for example, maybe a little more mystery? Start with your man's story -- his first sighting. We go almost 45 seconds of prep when, with one of the modern wonders of the world, what the listener wants is surprise, even uncertainty.

Another concern: this man clearly believes in Bigfoot. He's got the experience none of us have. Rather than asking him if he's nuts, let him just say he's not nuts. Look: he pays his bills.

You're right: this is a story about faith. His faith is the light (sorry) in this piece. Let his sureness of faith, without comment, challenge our lack of belief.

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Review of What is Poetry?

I like so much of this I feel like one of those cranks in the bleachers at Fenway. Blame me for knowing too much about too little, or else letting what I know simply get in the way.

Ditto the five-star review with one exception: the music. Sandburg rose to fame as editor/collector of The American Songbag, a solid five years before the Lomaxes (father and son) under the WPA pillaged the south. This guy loved folk music. The music featured here is a vamp, a loop, complete with noodling solos, whereas a folk tune has a clear beginning, middle, and end. I like the use of the rhythm of the music here, but the drums in the first segment combat the voice. At the very least, ditch the drum version so the words provide the percussion for the piece.

Or else find a recording of a traditional tuning, goose its tempo until it fits Sandburg's rhythm. After all, that was the kind of music lurking in his mind.