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Recent Pieces from Guy Rathbun

Caption: Dr. Bernice Hausman

Anti/Vax (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

Very few issues cause heated debate like the vaccination controversy. From their introduction, vaccines have created concern and skepticism.
Caption: Noble Sissle

Sizzling Sissle (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

Lyricist, composer, vocalist and bandleader Noble Sissle had a very successful 60-year career in jazz and musical theater. He’s best know as the musical partner of Eubie ...
Caption: Cedric de Leon

Crisis! When Political Parties Lose the Consent to Rule (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

For a growing number of Americans, our current political realities are of increasing concern. Many are deeply puzzled about what we do in the near future. Our actions today ...
Caption: Clarence Williams

Piano & Jug (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

instrument was the jug. Clarence Williams was a professional, yet he thoroughly enjoyed a relaxed performing style. Add in a little hokum, and the mix, at least for Clarence, ...
Caption: Genuine Fakes, Credit: jacket cover by Rob Ehle

Genuine Fakes (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

There are fakes all around us. No, this isn’t about “fake news.” In fact, the overuse of that term as given real fakes a bad name. That’s right. We are bombarded with things ...
Caption: Monique W. Morris

Sing a Rhythm, Dance a Blues (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

In grade school and high school, back girls make up about 16% of the female student population. Yet, of all girls referred to law enforcement in our schools about one-third ...
Caption: Ted Lewis

When You're Smiling (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

You might say he didn’t take his music seriously. On the other hand, bandleader and clarinetist Ted Lewis is one of the best known performers of the 1920s, and he frequently ...
Caption: One Family: Indivisible cover

One Family: Indivisible - A Spiritual Memoir (28:19)
From: Guy Rathbun

There is an ongoing “us” and “them” argument in our society. Realistically, politics and religion have always managed to create deep divisions.
Caption: Adrian Rollini

Low Register (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

In the mid-1920s, the bass and baritone saxophone emerged from the rhythm section of jazz bands, to become one of the primary soloists. Adrian Rollini was the first to ...