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Recent Pieces from Katie Stone

Caption: Astronaut Christina Koch

Kids In Space (58:00)
From: Katie Stone

The Children's Hour held a live chat with astronaut Christina Koch aboard the International Space Station, and the kids interviewed space researchers
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Mother Goose (01:51:52)
From: Katie Stone

The Children's Hour is full of Mother Goose stories, songs and poems with live music.
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Earthquakes & Volcanoes (58:00)
From: Katie Stone

Learn the science of earthquakes and volcanoes
Caption: Loren Kahn Puppet Theater, Credit: Gary Newell

Puppets & Jim Henson (58:00)
From: Katie Stone

This week on The Children’s Hour you’re invited to join us for a live broadcast from the opening of the Jim Henson exhibit at the Albuquerque Museum in Old Town Albuquerque. ...
Caption: Mrs. Antillon's 2nd Grade Historians, Credit: Katie Stone

Unlocking Family History & Frida Kahlo (58:00)
From: Katie Stone

We learn about using music to pull out family stories from our elders, and 2nd graders teach us about the legendary painter, Frida Kahlo
Caption: I'll Miss You Dad, Credit: Cecilio M. Ricardo Jr.

Military Family (58:00)
From: Katie Stone

In a broadcast recorded live at the Museum of the American Military Family in Tijeras, New Mexico, The Children's Hour Kids Crew interview military kids and parents. With ...
Caption: Evan and Sam and Goat, Credit: Vanessa Vassar

Death And Grief (58:00)
From: Katie Stone

Kids explore death and grief on the show with authors, experts, and telling their own experiences
Caption: A peek at the collection of more than 8 million artifacts, Credit: Katie Stone

Archaeology (58:00)
From: Katie Stone

Broadcasting from a laboratory inside the Center for New Mexico Archaeology, the Kids learn about the science of studying ancient cultures.
Caption: Sand tarantula

Unappreciated Animals (58:00)
From: Katie Stone

What place do spiders, snakes, centipedes and other commonly disliked animals have in the web of life?
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Live From The Outpost (58:00)
From: Katie Stone

This week on The Children’s Hour, in a live broadcast from The Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque, we feature musical guests, Eileen & The In-Betweens, kid comedian Ian ...