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Comment for "The Tristan Mysteries; The Sonic Mysteries"

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Review of The Tristan Mysteries; The Sonic Mysteries

I like anything that leaves me with a feeling that I've learned a secret or some kind of inside information. This is a strong piece that did just that for me. It focuses on "single chord from an epic five hour opera" and outlines its influence on music to this day, complete with examples and interesting mash-ups. This is not simply a musical piece, it stands well on its own and the way it's produced will allow it to be included in many different formats, or between various segments. Although it only runs just over fifteen minutes, I didn't feel it left anything out - while still making me curious to hear more about Wagners music and more in this series.

Comment for "What Happens When You Die?"

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Review of What Happens When You Die?

I admire the fact that this piece attacks "the big question" with a good cross-section of viewpoints that were thoughtful and relatively light (considering the subject). This piece can stand on it's own between segments, or could be used to seque from a heavy piece about death and dying into one that is lighter, or the other way around.

Comment for "H20"

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Review of H20

An enjoyable audio play. The story is interesting, well acted, complimented with a realistic sound design and it's fun to listen to.

To me it sounds less in the spirit of old time US radio - but closer to some adventure plays I've heard on Radio 4 over the years like "Deep Station Emerald", the "Foundation" series.

Well done. I hope we may hear more some day.