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Recent Pieces from Rick Fulker

Caption: Mieczyslaw Weinberg

DWF 19-04: Weinberg, 10/21/2019 (01:57:58)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

2019 is, among other things, the Weinberg year. Born 100 years ago in Poland, Mieczyslaw Weinberg is an unsung hero worth getting better acquainted with. We have his last ...
Caption: National Youth Orchestra of Germany

DWF 19-03: National Youth Orchestra, 10/14/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

At age fifty, is one getting on in years? Absolutely not, especially if that fifty-year-old is the National Youth Orchestra of Germany. We've got the downbeat to the tour of ...
Caption: Clara Schumann

DWF 19-02: Schumannfest, 10/7/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

Portrait of a power woman: composer, critic, impresario, pianist, celebrity, mother and wife (and not necessarily in that order): Clara Schumann, whose 200th birthday falls ...
Caption: Andreas Ottensamer

DWF 19-01: Schwetzingen Festival, 9/30/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

A program from a palace befitting a prince: In the 18th century, Schwetzingen was the summer residence of Prince Elector Carl Theodor of Mannheim. This year's festival motto ...
Caption: Anna Torge

DWF 18-25: Haydn Festival, 3/18/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

A ten-day fest dedicated to Papa Haydn with the splendid Concerto Köln as orchestra-in-residence: this one has three Haydn symphonies and an opera overture – and two works ...
Caption: Kristjan Järvi

DWF 18-26: Baltic Sea, 3/25/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

Ten countries border on the Baltic Sea: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden. Proving that they are united, not separated ...
Caption: Carolin Widmann

DWF 18-23: Schumann concerto, 3/4/2019 (01:57:58)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

An enigmatic work banned by the composer's widow and premiered over eight decades after his death: the brilliant violinist Carolin Widmann has devoted a lot of thought and ...
Caption: uri caine

DWF 18-22: Brandenburgs in the Rheingau, 2/25/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

In its "Brandenburg Project," the Swedish Chamber Orchestra sought out contemporary composers, asking them to take a Brandenburg Concerto by Johann Sebastian Bach and come up ...
Caption: Kathak dancer at the Campus Concert

DWF 18-21: Indo-German Campus, 2/18/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

Two utterly different music cultures merge here in a program you won't hear anywhere else. This productive dialogue between the classical art music of India and of the ...
Caption: Christine Schornsheim

DWF 18-20: More of Beethoven: Made in the Rhineland , 2/11/2019 (01:57:57)
From: DW - Deutsche Welle

A composer like Ludwig van Beethoven towers over others, but even that singular genius didn't come out of the blue. A look at the musical environment that brought forth the ...